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Carat Lab Grown Diamond Price: What to Expect


Synthetic diamonds have been experiencing high demand and growth in the jewelry trade. They give a good accounting of themselves regarding the ethics of their production and their price proposition that challenges natural diamonds. But, again, what does one put into the cost of these glittering gems, particularly, in a massive 7 carat lab-grown diamond? Below, we shall demystify all information regarding the contributory aspects to its cost, where to purchase the equipment, and much more.

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Cultured or man-made diamonds are diamonds artificially produced in laboratory environments through technological processes similar to those that occur naturally. They are made out of the same carbon atoms in the same crystal structure as natural diamonds making them virtually indistinguishable from the natural stones.

Comparison with Natural Diamonds

Both lab-grown and natural diamonds can be described as physio-chemically indistinguishable, but they have different origins. Cathedral diamonds are actually minerals that naturally crystallize under high pressure, high temperature conditions and at a depth of the earth crust. On the other hand, artificial or cultured diamonds can be manufactured within weeks using what is referred to as the HPHT method or CVD method.

The Popularity of Lab-Grown Diamonds

There are various reasons for the increased demand for lab-grown diamonds, as is described in this article. Since they are not manufactured from mined metals, they are regarded as less environmentally harmful and more ethical. This factor is considered valuable for such a segment of consumers that are interested in the environmental problems of the usual diamond mining.

Challenges Facing Cultured Diamonds and How These Have Impacted on the Price of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Carat Weight

Carat weight is one of the most important pricing indicators of a lab-grown diamond, although it can vary depending on the manufacturer. When it comes to a size like a 7 carat, bigger diamonds need a lot of materials to be used to make one, and it also takes a longer period of time to make them hence they will be costly.

Cut, Color, and Clarity

Cutting, color and clarity also have their importance to decide the 7 carat lab grown diamond price. A good example of differentiation can be observed in the diamond market, where a stone cut with high clarity levels and excellent color will attract a high price tag.

Technology and Production Costs

The advances in technology and the techniques used in the process of production also has the ability to impact the price. The techniques used to polish the diamonds yield a better quality of the final product, and manufacturers are forced to charge more for the process.

Why it Matters: 7 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

A 7 carat diamond can be found to be synthetic or lab grown and this is special because of its size and cut. These big chunks are used mostly for their prominence in jewelry accessories and therefore used frequently when making engagement rings, necklaces, and other such parts.

Comparing Prices: Lab Grown Diamond Vs Natural Diamond

Cost Differences

As a rule, man-made diamonds are characterized by lower prices and cost 30-40% less than natural stones. This compares very much to the prices of natural diamonds, and therefore, synthetic diamonds are considered to be affordable if one is searching for quality gems.

Long-Term Value

Natural diamonds have been considered as an investment product in the long run, but synthetic diamonds have recently started enjoying a better reputation. Depending on technological progress and the tendency of the public’s demand in marketing, lab-grown diamonds can remain valuable or become even more valuable in the future.

The average pricing of 7 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

The cost of lab-grown diamond per 7 carat differs from the store, and the quality of the same diamond. For a white 7 carat lab-grown diamond buyers should be ready to part with $50, 000 to $100, 000 for a quality diamond. Parameters like cut, color, clarity, and the ability of the vendor also lead to fluctuations in this range.


Therefore, a lab-grown diamond of 7 carat is as beautiful, valuable and ethical as the natural one. Thus, if one wants to make a rational decision, and to make their gem sparkle for many years to come, they should consider purchasing factors, where to buy it, and how to take care of it.



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